Country House Concept

Professional Spit-take

For TWO WEEKS I was locked out of my computer. I decided to do the grown-up, diligent thing, and change my passwords. First I changed my Apple ID to one I had been thinking about for a long time. A mere two hours later my computer crashed in the middle of drawing layouts for my graphic novel. I had no choice, I requested a password change from Apple. they warned that it might take a few days. DAYS. Instead it took two weeks. 

As you may have noticed, I'm a digital artist. I can draw, sure, bt I also work as a graphic designer, I make infographics, vector illustrations, and even some motion graphics. I also was supposed to have client work (full-time freelance illustrator, y'all) come in at the beginning of this hassle. I was beyond frustrated, and almost in a panic. Sure, my phone works, but that's good for limited social media posts and email. I called Apple twice, and both times they informed me that there was nothing they could do, and no way to see where I was in their process. Great service, right?

I called the second time on Monday, and talked with a new Apple Care operator. I expected the same conversation as a week ago, but this time I'd be more irate. What I got instead was a very knowledgeable person who asked if I tried using Terminal to change my password from a sort of back door. When it comes to computers, I'm a strictly front door kinda guy. He convinced me that an attempt would do no damage, nor extend my wait time for my password clearance, so I tried it. BACK IN BUSINESS. I was elated. Ironically Apple texted me 24 hours later, and gave me the OK to set up a new password. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I always say I'm the guy that's never bored. There's always an art project, video, drawing, something to work on or keep my busy. While this is true I was so concerned when I got shut out. I was sick over Christmas, and was ready to launch into 2017 with new art, new projects, and a fiercely determined attitude. Instead I was stuck at the starting gate. Taking a cue from my girlfriend, I took a breath and looked at what I could do with that time. I'm also a believer in the power of Mercury Retrograde. Not only does it mean to be more patient with regards to communication and travel (Mercury's dominion) at this time, but it's also a time to slow down, and reflect. Review your live, your body, your feelings, life status, etc. It's also a great time to clean house. Been curious about that Japanese Tidying Up book? Check it out, and feel good about it! Find yourself with a friend that takes a LOT of energy to hang out with, or people what are a drag in your life? Also a good time to clear out that kind of negative energy, too.

Rambly! Facing this brief period (I hoped) of retrograde madness and introspection, I looked around the old apartment and studio. First, I cleaned. Easy enough. That done I was looking at papers I had put off, and piles of drawings I "keep meaning to get back to." Yes, it's hard to do all the things all the time, but here was the time! I was an artist, right? I began with some figure drawings I had neglected, then some other sketches and experiments like Han Solo that you saw here earlier. Then I was actually drawing again! Pencils, papers, inks, watercolor! I have this stuff, but it felt old school.  It felt natural, and good, and exciting.

So, now my Mac is back. Today I'm working on some motion graphics, but this time has shown me that as an artist I need to make time to draw more. Like any other muscle your art needs to be exercised. You may have talent, but we all get rusty when we don't do our thing. 

What's the creative part of your life you wish you cold spend more time on?