So, How Was Your Weekend?

Life is full of surprises. I had my usual week of doctor's appointments last week, as I do every 3 months to see that cancer isn't coming back, or appearing anywhere else. I've been having some issues with my guts in the meantime, since February of last year. We don't know why this is happening, but we're watching it closely.

So, last Friday I saw my surgeon, and it was fairly routine. Blood test results after a CT scan earlier in the week. But Thursday I received a call from my oncologist to get a new blood test, as my platelets were reading as low. I got one Friday morning, and then he called that afternoon. They were even lower, and he said I should get to an ER right away. 

I was feeling fine all week, even food-wise, but with mystery things happening, and to avoide spontaneous, uncontrolled bleeding, I went. After a 3 hour wait and some more tests I was sent home. I'm about to leave for another blood draw, but otherwise feel energetic, genki, and generally good. My body is a wonderland.