Ed Shimmy on Patreon

If you like my illustrations, comics, or videos, you can help support my work! Of course, I have stores where you can buy books and prints, but I'm working on larger projects behind the scenes, such as my autobiographical comic F*#ing Forty. I'm still doing freelance, but I can focus on these larger projects more frequently with your help.

It isn't just a handout! By becoming a patron, you can get access to sketches, and exclusive blog to follow along with my process, never before seen sketches, and video outtakes. I will also have live drawing events and video hangouts! Your level of support is up to you, but I will appreciate any of it.

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What is Patreon?
Patreon is a website for people to support artists or projects they love or believe in with a monthly payment. Less of a Kickstarter, it's more like subscribing to an artist. You can support them based on a certain project, or it can be open ended - support them for them! There are several levels of donations which you can change at any time, or be a champ and help out indefinitely!